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For more FAQ regarding Boat Rental, simply visit YACHTHAMPTON FAQ

Hamptons Boat Club has been in business since 2020. We’re the Sag Harbor’s largest and reputed boat rental company and we have started members-only boat club and we’re expanding rapidly.

Our reservation system ensures that all members have equal access to the boats, plus members can make guaranteed reservations up to six months in advance.

No, you will never have usage charges. Your only additional cost is for the service that you use.

Boat usage is unlimited at your home location.

Reserving a boat has never been easier. Simply go to OUR BOATS and select the boat you want then you will get a reservation dashboard and choose your desired date and time slot.

We maintain a variety of boats ranging from flats boats to bowriders. Each market chooses its own fleet based on the needs and demands there. Feel free to browse OUR BOATS pages on the website to view our fleet.

Your boat will always be waiting with a full tank of gas. Some of our franchise locations have fuel flow meters and don’t require you to fill up your own boat. Ask your membership executive for details.

As long as a member is present, you can bring friends, family, guests, children, colleagues, or even your favorite pet.

Membership is open to boaters of any skill level, 21 years of age and older. Whether you’ve never boated before, or you’ve boated for years, Hamptons Boat Club welcomes you as a member.

All boats have required equipment (per USCG guidance) including life jackets, a fire extinguisher, sound equipment, and flares. Boats are checked for this equipment by both the dock staff and member prior to departure.

When choosing the right boat many factors are important. Take a look at our easiest system to Yacht Hampton Boats Page for using our easiest filter to choose the best option boat for you.

You book your yacht directly online. We get in contact with you via phone or email. We send you the payment details. You pay 50% with the booking. 8 weeks before embarkation you pay the outstanding 50% plus additional extras if added. The YachtHampton.Com booking confirmation email or pass we sent you in the moment you completed the payment. This confirmation email or pass is the "key" to your yacht.

We offer in US Dollar only. Other options can be choosen by us but need to talk priorly.

This decision is really up to you and depends on what cultural environment and weather conditions you prefer. Browse our recommended destinations for charter to discover more about different sailing locations. We have LOCAL DESTINATIONS and OVERNIGHT DESTINATIONS to choose from. Moreover, you can go to OUR BOATS page and use our excellent user-friendly filters to select your destinations.

The seasons differ all over the US. Find out when it is best to travel by boat in your desired location. We help you with some suggested charter locations.

Have a look at our Includes and Not Included section of each boat for details.

Price is an important factor when planning a sailing trip. You should set a clear budget from the beginning and allow for all the necessary additional costs such a deposit, transfer, fuel, gratuity, excluded item price, etc.

You are able to pay for your boat in 2 ways – via PayPal or by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or AMEX). Visit Make a Payment page for easy-to-use payment interface.

Most habours and marinas have parking facilities. You should check what kind of parking they provide beforehand and be sure not to leave any valuables in the car.

These vary from boat to boat and are based on the size, age and model of the boat. The driving force of the boat and the area you are travelling in also need to be taken into account. You should ask the boat provider for a safety briefing.

This unpleasant experience can be prevented and treated. Find out what to do when suffering from seasickness.

Always ask YACHTHAMPTON.COM by phone or email if you can take an animal on board before arrival. If you do not ask permission, we may be more inclined to say no and pet care for the time you are away may be hard to find.

Usually we will correct any faults straight away. In exceptions, it should be possible to negotiate an alternative or a price reduction.

The harbor is a secure place to take a break from sailing. At the harbor you can find cleaning, mending, waste disposal and tank filling services. Anchorage is a maneuver where you drop anchor to persevere weather conditions or take in the scenery.

Nights at sea create a sense of adventure and can be calmer than those spent in a busy harbor. Before anchoring, be aware of the weather and sea bed conditions in the area. You should also have knowledge and experience of anchoring. Most places where it is unsafe to anchor will be marked on local maps, including conservation areas and shipping lanes.

You should inquire in advance of stopping in a harbor and contact their offices about how to apply and be assigned a place. The cost depends on the area and the size of the boat and can vary from anything between 10 and 150 euros and you may have to pay extra for electricity.

It is possible to book short trips, but most charters run from Saturday to Saturday. Longer trips will need to be booked well in advance, especially if you require a particular model of boat.

We do not charge you for the use of the platform – there is no booking fees - the only costs involved are once a boat has been booked and confirmed.